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Posted by Costello Realty on 2/4/2015

If you own a home than you know about property taxes. If you are thinking of buying a home the†cost of home ownership not only includes the mortgage payment but also the home's property taxes. At Costello Realty, we took a look at what it costs to live in area towns such a Franklin, Bellingham, Medway, Norfolk, Wrentham and more. When looking at each town you will not only want to consider the rate per thousand but also the valuation. In other words, some towns may have a high residential tax rate per thousand but the homes may not be valued as high or appraised as high. †Also, take into account services the towns offer. Things like trash pickup, schools, †services for children, elderly and more are also things you will need to consider when comparing. Here is a helpful chart that shows the average value of a single family home, the average tax bill and the average change since last year.